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31 December
i was born in daly city california, i grew up in a small town named, Brisbane. There was a five pointed star on every house, and every star pointed up.
The City of Stars:
At the same time that Brisbane was gearing up for the war effort, its residents were also trying to improve the quality of life at home. It is from this period that one can trace one of Brisbane's oldest traditions, "The City of Stars." In 1940, Arthur Kennedy began the tradition by placing a large lighted star on his home during the Christmas season. As the years passed, the idea caught on with the other residents of Brisbane. As they put up their stars, the town became transformed into a festive display of light for travellers coming down Highway 101 or Airport Boulevard. Soon, outsiders were calling Brisbane "America's Christmas Card Town." "Arthur Kennedy was a rather prominent man in town," explains Dorothy Radoff. "He was the president of the Chamber of Commerce and was very community minded. So, after he put up the first star, the Chamber of Commerce decided the next year that they would put up more stars. From what I understand, when they first started out, they made ten stars a year and they would distribute them to people who promised that they would put them up and take care of them.
Then every year, they kept adding more. That's how the stars started and we became known as the City of Stars. The terrain and all was just perfect for that sort of thing."

I went to high school in SF, and graduated 1987 SOTA/McAteer. Got a scholarship to the Academy art college, for photography, and quickly moved on to drawing and painting. Moved to NYC in 1989 and went to SVA. Graduated, and worked for the NY Kunsthalle for a few years. After a few years of not alot of work, i drove back to SF. Now here, i found a wonderful new community, that seems to be much more about joy, happiness, yoga, healthy food, and being a creative influence on the world around us. i enjoy painting, writing, drawing, making music, dancing, animations, puppets, and video editing. and i try to do as much positive work everyday. i believe that hope, and kindness can solve alot of the ills in this world today....

being nice, never hurt anyone?

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